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Urgent Need for Assessor Teams in Omaha, Nebraska

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Email Subject: Urgent Need for Assessor Teams in Omaha, Nebraska
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There is an urgent need for 6 assessor teams for the Omaha area.  They would consist of an assessor and a Chaplain which makes up one team.  So 12 individuals to make 6 assessor teams.  If you are available to assist by being part of a team please respond to:   Tim Brown at or call 207-232-3389. Please state when you can be there and how long you can respond.  They will need to know the ratio of male to female responding to prepare housing.   Probably will be placing:

- 3 teams at Fremont, Nebraska.

- 3 teams at Belleview, Nebraska

Both in the Omaha area.


We realize that  Easter/Resurrection weekend is a week away.  If the team could be in Omaha ready to begin assessing Monday, 4/15 and depart Friday, 4/19 to be home for Easter that would be great.  Then will need teams the week after Easter as well.