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Callout Opportunities

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Email Subject: Callout Opportunities this summer
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We have many opportunities to share the Gospel and be about the Fathers work:



Baring, Maine; A Pastors house needs scraping and painting

Jay, Maine; Drywall finish, paint, floor sanding and sealing, porches rebuilt and other carpentry projects

Augusta, Maine; Entry door replaced

Portland, Maine; Laundry teams needed to serve the "Asylum Seekers" at the Expo


New England:

Nashua, NH; Need to get the shower unit ready to deploy to Connecticut for a youth project



North Carolina; 3 Areas to help rebuild after last years hurricanes

Arkansas; URGENT need for flood recovery for the next 2 months. Chaplains, flood recovery, feeding and just help period. We can train on the job. 5 different areas of the State.

Oklahoma; Same URGENT need as Arkansas


I urge you to get involved we need you to make room in your summer schedule to help in these areas. Change your vacation plans and come serve with us this summer. Please email Tim Brown at for more information