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Region 3: NE Deployment Opportunities to Illinois

Related to Team: Unassigned Personnel
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Email Subject: URGENT NEED!! Region 3: New England Deployment Opportunities to Illinois
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Region 3: New England

Deployment Opportunities to Illinois

June 22, 2019

Affected State Director: Butch Porter Illinois, Please go through Tim Brown

Deployment areas: Moline ready to work; Hardin open after July 5; Jerseyville opening TBA; work into August

Moline Deployment:

Starting June 25th until complete then move to Hardin or Jerseyville

Airport: Quad Cities International, Individual Volunteers, tickets may be reimbursed by $100.00 through New England SBC DR; Church teams call Tim Brown for more information

Transportation: Shuttle from airport can be arranged

Length of total deployment: Unknown, Opportunity to follow up with more teams

Housing: In a public school, bring own beds and linens; must vacate this housing by July 26; showers and laundry on site; feeding on site

Insurance: You must have own health insurance, BCNE will augment with a travel Insurance, Church teams call Tim Brown at 207-232-3389

Team Structure: Individual Volunteers will be added to other Region 3 teams

Personnel needed: Trained Flood Recovery, Trained Chaplains, Blue Hats, Yellow Hats, Untrained Volunteers, Church Teams

Service Week Schedule:

1.      6/25-6/30

2.      6/28-7/7

3.      7/5-7/14

4.      7/12-7/21

5.      7/19-28 Housing past this week is unsecured as of this date.


Sign up for this deployment on or email Tim Brown SBC DR Director at