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Cape Cod Tornado Response

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Email Subject: Cape Cod Tornado Response Deployment
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Support Units needed: Chainsaw Trailers and a Shower/Laundry Trailer.

 Support personnel needed are Assessors, Chaplains, Feeding (just the Teams), Shower/Laundry, Administration and Incident Command. Would like Support in before 8/16/19.

 I would like to have boots on the ground by Friday 8/16 for chain saw crews and brush haulers. Yellow Hats and Church SUVs are welcome. Please register at under the “Upcoming Deployments”  tab after this evening.

 We are still in talks with Emergency management for further information and some clarity of other information we have received. Massachusetts Emergency Management has asked us if we could help with debris removal from this past tornado in the towns of Dennis and Yarmouth.  There are 2 jobs in Dennis and numerous jobs in Yarmouth (trying to track down how many and types with EMA).

Length of deployment: I won't know until I have some numbers from Yarmouth and some narrative about some of the work. I am hopeful with a few crews from New England and Region 3 we will close down operations by 8/31.

Blessings to you,

Judy Newton

 Administration SBC Disaster Relief New England