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GO ALERT for Feeding Volunteers through out NE

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Email Subject: GO ALERT for Feeding Volunteers through out NE
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Good Evening, 

SBC DR Volunteers across New England we should have put all on "GO" status several weeks ago, so I am doing it now. Your service area is your own Community through your Church. There are many things that a Church can do to serve at this time. Elderly and vulnerable people in your congregations and Community; phone calls, emails, texts, old fashion post card messages, grocery and prescription runs are a good place to start. Local Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens might need your help, your local town office or emergency manager will have the contact information, some food pantries are seeing a decline in donations to purchase food from the food banks and other entities. Organize a canned and shelf stable food drive and box and take it to the food pantry closest to your Church. Check in on your Pastor and Family, make sure they have all they need, food, encouragement. There may be larger things that come up that we will keep you informed about through your preferred way of contact through our website, right now these are the most pressing needs. When you go out always keep your identification with you because you all are formally on "GO" status. Wearing of the gold shirts and hats are not needful at this time, unless you are working front lines. Be the leader in your Church to start doing something if nothing is being done at all. Check with your Pastor and Church leaders to help the Local New Testament and help foster relationships with other Community Churches to serve the greater part of your Community, it may take all of you to help your community to be resilient through this crisis.

May God bless you today,


cid:45BB2039-D892-4E5F-B816-F3503F3DB4D1@home  Judy Newton

Administration SBC Disaster Relief New England