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ALERT for Feeding volunteers in Bennington

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Email Subject: Alert for Feeding volunteers
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Fixed feeding site opportunity: Feeding Homeless, Elderly, Children and Adults sheltering in place


Need: Output of 2400 meals per week, about 350 meals per day

. 4-6 member teams each week

. Lead cook and 3 to 5 prep help

. Menus are set


Where: Bennington VT

Grace Christian School is the work site

Northeastern Bible College will be the housing site

This is the same building


Time frames: Month of June

Week 1 sign up: 6/1-6/7

Week 2 sign up: 6/8-6/14

Week 3 sign up: 6/15-6/21

week 4 sign up: 6/22-6/28

Week 5 sign up 6/29-7/3 this will be clean up and shut down week