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DR Spring Training - Christ the Redeemer Church, Southbury, CT (May 10-11, 2019)


This training is for ALL those interested in serving in Disaster Relief. Open to non-SBC members as well. Fri. Registration opens at 5p. Courses are 5:30-8:30p Sat. 8a Registration opens. Registration from 8a -10a; Courses are 9a - 4p. Lunch provided. FRIDAY: The "SB DR Basic" and "Faith in Disaster Relief" entry level courses will be offered ONLY on Friday evening from 5:30 - 8:30p. (This is what allows for "Yellow Hat" badging- includes background checking). These two courses will be taught only on Friday evening. SATURDAY: Specialty courses being taught (Attendees can only do ONE specialty course within the day or 2 Modules of training): (1) Chainsaw Recovery Modules 1 & 2 (2) Assessment Modules 1 & 2 (3) Flood Recovery Modules 1 & 2 (4) Feeding Module 1 (online only - students can take this training by online video and have it certified at the "live" training) (5) Feeding Module 2 (6) Shower Laundry MISC NOTES: • Chain saw Trainees must bring safety glasses, leather work gloves, hiking style boots or shoes and insurance card. You will also be required to fill out a Volunteer indemnity form. • Basic Training: Cost is $16.00 for SBC and SBC affiliated Volunteers. This will cover a mandatory background check and a picture badge. This is done through this website under your volunteer profile. • Lunch Will Be provided. We are asking for an $8.00 donation that will go towards supporting SBC DR. • Registration / Sign-In is needed for everyone Pre-Register at this website. • Apparel Store will be open for selling shirts and hats. Please, cash or check only. • All Guests are welcome to the Trainings • There are many needs in a disaster. How can you help? Come and find out!
114 Roxbury Rd, Southbury, Connecticut, USA
Start Date/Time:
May 10, 2019, 5 p.m.
End Date/Time:
May 11, 2019, 4 p.m.
Max Students:
Breakout Sessions:
Feeding, Module 1 CT  
This course is now a 5 video online course that volunteers can take before attending this training event ( You will learn the basics of operating a mobile / fixed kitchen operation related to mass feeding. Items covered will include food safety, set up, crew roles, sanitation and more. Time will be spent verifying you viewed the sessions found at: You must take Feeding Module 2 in order to be certified and badged in feeding.
Chainsaw Recovery, Module 1 CT  
The in-classroom instruction will give you an overview of chain saw related recovery work, saw orientation, how to care for your saw, proper safety gear and handling, several typical cuts and proper safety instruction for team work. You must complete Module 2 in order to be certified and badged.
Flood Recovery, Module 2 CT  
You will receive an introduction to a typical Mud out Recovery Unit and it’s equipment. If time allows you may be given instruction on how to properly off-load tools and instruction on cleanup and proper placement of tools back into the trailer as well as demonstrations on demolition and equipment use. You must have Basic Training and Flood Recovery 1 before you take this course. A certificate and badge will be awarded for this class. This course must be renewed every 3 years.
Flood Recovery, Module 1 CT  
Instruction reviews manual basics of flood recovery. You will learn the basics of clean up processes after flooding has occurred from demolition to power washing and spraying mold inhibitor. Tools needed to do a proper job. There is a briefing on mold found before and after floods, safety in removing it and how to mitigate them. Instruction in the proper use of personal protective equipment, especially the N-95 Respirator.
Sharing Faith in DR CT- Friday evening around 7p  
Only on Friday evening. Time requirement is 1.5 hour of instruction. This is a required course for all volunteers. The course covers how to have a gospel conversation, share your personal story and share the gospel in the context of working with disaster survivors and responders. Volunteers can opt out if they can provide proof of having evangelism training in their church, school or ministry.
SB DR Basic CT  
Only on Friday evening. Time requirement is approximately 2 hours of combined instruction and PowerPoint. This is the very first course you must take before any other courses for SBC DR certification. The course will cover many elements such as history of SBC DR, what to expect as a volunteer, how we get called out to an event, what other trainings are there, a session of why we do this, and an appendix of information for you to reference for a call out to an event. You will have to pass a background check which costs $16.00 and is done through this website when registering on your profile page. A certificate and a picture badge will be awarded for this class. You have to take a refresher course every 3 years.
Shower / Laundry CT  
Learn the basics of this unit, it’s set up, maintenance and ministry. The course is an orientation that lasts from 9:15 until noon.
Assessment, Module 2 CT  
The second session will include exercises in how to complete forms and mock exercises of discussion with homeowners. You will also learn some of the other information that we will have for handouts for the home owner. You must have Basic Training before taking this class. It is helpful to be cross-trained in Flood and Chain Saw Recovery as well. There will be a time of mentoring in-field before you will be able to function alone as a team member. A certificate and badge will be awarded for this course.
Assessment, Module 1 CT  
This course will instruct you on the process of assessing a home and property for information gathering for the SBC Recovery teams. You are usually the first contact the homeowner receives so you are very important in establishing a relationship which carries through to our work crews. A construction background is helpful with this class but is not necessary. Assessors are needed to assist in proper response resourcing and timing. You will learn how emergency management teams assess, how FEMA works during a Presidential Declaration, how to gather and record information for our teams, how to prioritize jobs, warning signs to look for in the homeowner and their family that they may not be handling this event well and may need some further help. You must complete Module 2 before being certified or badged.
Chainsaw Recovery, Module 2 CT  
The in-field instruction will give you visual and hands-on use of personal protective equipment and tools that are needed for tree removal. You may take part in felling trees for your instruction but this class will not allow you to take trees down only instruction in how to properly use the chainsaw in limbing and bucking operations. All volunteers taking this class will be required to start the chainsaw on their own and use it properly for a given length of time controlled by an in-field instructor. Review of the use of a chipper will also be covered. The safety instructor will be given all other volunteers that are not using any equipment instruction on safety. You must have Basic Training and chain saw module 1 before taking this course. A certificate and badge will be awarded for this class. The badge will either be a cutters badge meaning you qualified using the chainsaw for bucking and limbing or a badge that has just chainsaw team training. You must wear hiking type boots (preferably steel toed work boots), leather gloves, safety glasses, work pant of some type and soft ear plugs for this training.